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Jamaican Blue Mountain - Flamstead Estate - Gr. 1

Jamaican Blue Mountain - Flamstead Estate - Gr. 1

Balanced chocolate tones with a bit of raised island acidity. A nice medium roast leaves a cool little semi-sweet caramel/toffee note. Because this is a premium product we are only selling 1lb bags as medium roast. 


About JBM: 

Flamstead is not your average Jamaican Blue Mountain. One of Jamaica’s first and most renowned coffee estates. An awesomely prepped; beautiful large beans, no defects, processed to perfection.

In 1728, the Governor of Jamaica, Sir Nicholas Lawes introduced coffee seedlings in the parish of St. Andrew; coffee production was first reported at Flamstead, St. Andrew, in 1764. Flamstead is the original Jamaican Blue Mountain, rich with heritage and the best beans in the country.

The Flamstead farm stands 3,300 feet above sea level and lies in an area traditionally associated with the production of high quality Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. It is oftentimes covered by the cool mists of the Blue Mountains.

In 2014, Flamstead Estate Management made the decision to replace mechanical washing with fermentation. The benefits experienced include favorable color results, improved body, and enhanced flavor. They are pioneers in the Jamaican industry with tray drying (also known as African Beds). The benefits are: less pre hulling, clean taste, gentler drying process. If done successfully the flavor is enhanced. This is the big part of why these beans shine over your traditional JBM.

All Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee must be certified by the coffee industry board of Jamaica. The regulations are very strict and much of the coffee is rejected.

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