About Us

Sontule is a small batch local coffee roaster. We source fair trade, organic beans. This is a new venture for us as small business owners, Luis, McKenzae and Karen. Luis is our Chief Roaster. McKenzae and Karen run the business side of things.

Nicaragua coffee has a special place in our hearts. Luis grew up on a coffee plantation in Nicaragua. Before coming to the US, 3 years ago, he planted 4000 coffee plants. This year those plants will fruit and we are working to bring those beans to Cleveland and to your cups. Stay tuned for more on that!

We roast to order on the weekends. Local delivery is available to select zip codes otherwise we’ll ship to you. Choose your roast style, light, medium or dark; whole bean or ground; 16oz or 8oz. We have coffees from all over the world but are partial to the Latin American, high altitude beans. Looking for a special bean let us know and we’ll try to find it.